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Quodoushka - American Indian Pseudo Tantra

You have to love ‘Q’ for being the ultimate turn-on for most any healthy teenage boy. Even synthetic Tantra has something to offer, since the precepts of universals truths are ubiquitous; you can use them for seasoning anything. When it comes to modern-day compiled Tantra, it’ hard to beat Chuluaqui-Quodoushka (CHOO-la-kway Kwuh-DOE-shka), a collection of sexual techniques and theories that ranks as the most entertaining of all Tantra flavors, especially for porn stars and exhibitionists. Famous actresses joined in the song and dance, including Porsche Lynn, Ashley Nicole, Heather Hart, Hyapatha Lee and Madison. ‘Quodoushka, Native American Love Techniques’  came out in 1991, a sex-ploitation film based loosely around what are supposedly traditional North and Central American Indian sexual practices.

Hyapatha Lee and her husband Bud went on to use the theme for other films of the genre. Harley Reagan, the founder, was interviewed on HBO, things were looking good for him, then the real American Indians got hairs under their saddle blankets, and up their behinds.

It was assembled with so much generic, albeit useful traditional practices from other parts of the world, it couldn’t go wrong. Labeling Harley a “Plastic Shaman ”The Cherokee Nation threatened lawsuits against Harley and HBO.  Harley and his wife compiled Q in the 70s and 80s as a tool box for revitalizing energy and healing. Getting rid of guilt and shame by understanding yourself and partner is the theme. Manifestation through manipulation of sexual energy is said to result in an energy sum greater than the parts. Instead of Lion’s breath or Snake breathing, they refer to Fire Breathing. They brought children, along with supposed Native American Rites of Passage into the equation, making most people sign non-disclosure agreements when attending sessions, or receiving ‘Sacred Manuals’. Quodoushka regards children and infants as having sexual needs. Initiation ceremonies herald puberty, with children learning about sex from a teacher of the opposite gender. These ‘Fire Men and Fire Women’ are responsible for teaching the knowledge of spiritual sexuality for several years. The youngsters are broken in by their professors, learning about their physical bodies along with their sexual energies. In late 20th Century America, Harley was asking for serious trouble from the religious right wing.

In addition to doing away with fear and shame, classes involving close-up examination of genitals to classify everybody into animal types are considered fundamental to the learning process. It’s no wonder ‘Q’ remains popular, it’s like some gonzo script Gene Roddenberry might have thought up just before his Star Trek series got cancelled.


Karezza as a specific organized practice was conceived in the late 1800s by a gynecologist named Alice Bunker Stockham. Except for women also being discouraged to climax, it’s practiced pretty much like White Tantra, a spiritually oriented meditation experience involving sex without orgasms, but dedicated towards interpersonal relations rather than divine worship. Similar to how most people practice ‘spiritual’ Tantra, full-tilt boogie orgasm is not prohibited, but in Stockham’s teachings it is discouraged. Total orgasms are understood to take a long time to recover from, and couples are instructed that their honeymoons will last longer if they edge instead. Supposedly deep emotional connections are cultivated by not having to go through hormonal ups and downs. Sex is used for directing energy and emotional focus on your partner instead of your own pleasure, with sexual prowess and performance taking a back seat. The practice was attacked by laws and influential members of society at the beginning of the 20th Century, being considered a threat to public welfare.

Karezza differs somewhat from traditional orthodox Hindu and Buddhist Tantra regarding rituals and practices, and runs counter to the orgone energy concepts of Wilhelm Reich. The Austrian psychoanalyst put forth his controversial theories in the 1930’s, insisting primordial cosmic energy runs everybody’s show, and according to him, is directly linked to sex. He envisioned the pressure of bottled up psychological problems that result from sexual repression and shame as being responsible for the majority of society’s problems.

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